Name Changes

Name Change

Women who have recently been divorced, cases where a child has recently been acknowledged by their father, gender confirmation surgery, or after an adoption has occurred are all instances where a legal name change must be requested. This process is handled through the Superior Courts of Georgia and requires a clear demonstration of the reasons behind the name change.

In addition to petitioning the court, the petitioner must also publish the name change in the local newspaper and follow other legal processes. After the name change has been approved by the courts, there are a host of other issues which must be addressed including changing names on Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, and more. All these steps must be completed to ensure you are fully protected and future benefits are not negatively impacted.

If you need help with the name change petition and process, contact Parker Law Firm. We will meet with you and discuss the petitioning process as well as help you meet the legal requirements for changing your name with the various state and federal agencies who must be notified once the change has been approved.